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All the knowledge in the world... Will appear as ignorance... without ACTION.


Please estimate the value of your current assets, excluding your home:

What percentage above include IRA accounts?

Have you or your spouse started taking Social Security benefits?

Are you or your spouse currently working?
Are you currently working with an advisor?

Please indicate to what degree each item below concerns you by clicking the circle by the number
(1 = Not concerned at all   5 = Very concerned)

Avoiding Social Security benefits reductions

Creating a reliable retirement income plan (in addition to Social Security)

Analyzing my tax situation for tax savings opportunities

Addressing the risk of long-term care costs

Understanding my pension

Understanding what I have, how it works, and the "what ifs"

Yes, I would like to schedule a one-hour appointment to review the above topics of concern.

The days and times to best reach me are: (check all that apply)

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